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VRoot Servers from 9 Net Avenue Deutschland · 11.01.2004

As an alternative to low cost servers with limited performance offers 9 Net Avenue Deutschland VRoot Server Plans with better performance—and at the same price. It is possible to take advantage of the aditional functions of your own server with a VRoot Server, but with the additional work associated with the Hardware or with system updates.

12.01.04 VRoot Servers are available in 3 Plans of your choice: Start, Business and Profi. The plans differentiate themselves by the amount of disk space and traffic that is included. Every is capable of being a complete Web server, with Apache, mail server, DNS, POP/IMAP, mysql, etc. and comes with its own IP number. The number of webs, pop accounts, etc. is not limited by the plan, but rather, only by the amount of disk space and traffic. Monitoring of the server, as well as desired services, is included at no additional charge.

“In the last two years we have tested different operating systems and software for root server”, explained Ben Caffe, the President of AmEuro Ventures GmbH. “Unfortunately until last year none of these systems met our test criteria, especially regarding the isolation of the individual root servers. After our successful internal tests, we tested the VRoot Server systems for an additional 6 months in customer tests. The customers were positively surprised by the performance our VRoot Server systems delivered.”

VRoot Server customers can manage their server over the 9 Net Control Center. It is possible to install or de-install new pre-configured software, reboot the server, change options, etc. The changes in the Control Center are activated on the VRoot Server in real time. Naturally it is also possible for customer to install Software themselves directly on the server. A daily or weekly backup is also available.

Customers can manage the server with SSH or various administration tools such as Webmin, Confixx or the 9 Net Management service. With the 9 Net Management service you can manage the server directly over the Control Center, but that is not all. 9 Net also manages the VRoot Server and solves any problems that may occur automatically.

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