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This disclaimer is provided as a convenience to English speaking visitors. The German version of this document is the only legally binding version of the disclaimer.
1. Internet Content
The author does not guarantee the correctness, status, completeness or quality of the website provided information. The author does not assume any responsible for damaging material or associated information, that would be caused by using or not using the presented information, so long no documented negligence exists on the part of the author. All offerings in open and without commitment. The author reserves the right parts of the presentation or oferrings, or the complete offerings, without prior announcement, to change, update or delete as will as to change the effective dates.

2. References and Links
By direct or indirect references to other Websites, which are outside the author's responsibilty or influence, is the author's only liable, when he is aware of the problem and it technically possible for him to remove the questionable content. The author explicitly states that at the time the links and references where created, they did not contain any recognizable illegal content. Should these referenced sites contain illegal content or violate copyright or other laws in the future, these cannot be influenced by the author. For this reason the author has no relationship to the referenced or linked sites once they have been changed. This claim is also valid for all links and references, including entries from others in Guest books, forums, Link Directories, Mailing Lists or Databases where the users have writing rights. The operator of the referenced or linked websites is alone responsible for the contents of the website.

3. Copyright or Trademarks
The author has attempted to respect the Copyright rights on all pictures, graphics, sound files, video files and text, and has attempted to use self created or pictures, graphics, sound files, video files and text where a free license is available. All use of copyrighted items in this website are with the permission of the copyright owner and appropriately marked. The Copyright for the author created items remains the property and rights of the author. Use or copying of these graphics, audio files, video files, pictures or text without the express written permission of the author is prohibited.

4. Privacy
Entering your personal or business information (Name, Address, Email, etc.) is done on a purely voluntary basis. It is expressly probhibited the public information contained in the Imprint or other areas to be given to a third party. We reserver the right to begin legal proceedings against all breaches of this right, especially thos involving UCE's.

5. Disclaimer Legal Validity
This disclaimer is an integral part of this website. Should a part of this disclaimer be found as invalid or incomplete, the remaining parts of this Disclaimer continue in their content and validity.
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