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The Headquarters of AmEuro Ventures GmbH is in Salzbergen (NS). Since AmEuro Ventures GmbH was founded in 1998 it provides Consulting and other information technology services. We have specialized on globalization and the integration of the internet into company marketing and business strategies.
One of the earliest projects was providing the Marketing and Customer Support for the U.S. company 9 Net Avenue Inc., which is today part of XO Communications Inc., in Europe for the German speaking countries. The joint operation was expanded by the establishment of 9 Net Avenue Deutschland at the end of 1998, responsible for the marketing of web hosting, domain registrations, server housing, colocation and additional internet services.
In 1999 AmEuro Ventures GmbH opened its own Data Center in Germany and expanded its product offering to include internet leased lines for business customers. The company also assumed for business customers project management and programming of complex internet applications. The steady double digit growth experienced since the company's founding was due largely to the effective reseller network in Europe and other parts of the world. At the end of 2000 there were hundreds of resellers as our partner.
With a strategy of providing fair prices, modern technology and first class service the growth of AmEuro Ventures continued and the company concentrated on its main product, 9 Net Avenue Deutschland. This internet venture was repeatedly rated as one of the top 5 web hosting companies in Germany. The basis for this success was not only the quality of our service, but also the partnership with the domain registries and followed by our membership in DENIC (Registry for .de and ENUM domains) and CORE (for all other domain TLDs and gTLDs).
In March 2004 AmEuro Ventures GmbH opened a new Customer and Data Center in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Rheinland Pfalz). The new center offered more space, improved climate control, direct electrical sourcing from the power station and state of the art security systems. It was one of the first Data Centers in Germany with redundent Gigabit Fiber Optic connections to the internet. The product offering was again expanded adding Rack Housing and Call Center Services.
We began the development of VoIP Products and services for our customers at the beginning of 2003. In 2004 we were the first IAX/SIP Registry in Germany. These opened two new markets for us. The first was monduno, a provider of free VoIP to VoIP calls and other telephone services, followed shortly thereafter by V-Office, a provider of VoIP services for commercial and governmental customers. As a member of DENIC we were able to participate and contribute to the development of ENUM (tElephone NUmber Mapping) in Germany. At the third ENUM Day at DENIC we presented a method to implement VoIP and ENUM in existing PBX systems (Presentation is in German only).
As part of the evolution of our strategic focus, 9 Net Avenue Deutschand including all services in web hosting, domain registration, etc. was sold to ALL-TLD GmbH in March 2007. This allowed AmEuro Ventures GmbH to concentrate on the development and marketing from new software products and services. In July 2007 a new Development and Customer Center was opened in Abtsteinach (Hessen). In September 2012 the Development and Customer center was moved to Wettringen (NRW).
AmEuro Ventures GmbH is not only focused on products and services, but also assumes its responsibilities to the community. Since 1999 the company is an approved training center (Ausbildungsbetrieb) for information technology and business professions, and since 2002 a partner company for the Trainee Program at the Mannheim College (Hochschule Mannheim). In this way we are helping youth successfully complete training for an information technology career or degree.
AmEuro Ventures GmbH in Salzbergen is 320 Km north from the Frankfurt International Airport.

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