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The Time is Right · 26.10.2005

monduno is now reachable over the 032 Area Code !

We are very happy to inform you, that your monduno account is now accessible over the new 032 National Calling Prefix. At the moment the numbers work from the standard telephone network and well as over the cellular provider D1. In our test the cellular providers D2, E+ and 02 have not yet implemented the new area code.

It is also now possible to place call in the 032 Area Code with other networks. Currently these will be invoiced as a standard telephone call. We recommend testingt the call first with ENUM (004932 instead of 032). Should it be possible to connect over VoIP, then the call will continue to be free of charge. If you do not have an ENUM-Domain for your 032 Telephone number, you can request one at At the present time ENUM is in the test phase in Germany, so DENIC is not charging for the registrations.

With the new capability of the 032 Telephone numbers, we have also changed our terms and conditions. It is now possible to transfer your 032 Number to us or from us.

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