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A new Jump in the Evolution from monduno! · 18.10.2005

monduno celebrated it’s first Birthday on September 24 as a free VoIP Service in Germany.

In October we are expanding the functionality of your monduno account!

Effective immediately the following new features are available in your control center:

1. Click to Dial
2. Telephone Book
3. Online Telephone Status

Customers with the World Plan can also take advantage of the following services with no additional charges:

4. Voice Mail.
5. Multi-Call Line. With up to 9 simulateous calls, each with its own extension as well as a Group Telephone number

A complete explanation of the new features can be found in the Control Center.

Here is a short summary of the functions.

1. Click to Dial. You can now start a telephone call from the control center. This function is available with the Menu for Call Statistics (Anrufstatitik) as well as in the new Telephone Book function. Additionally you can enter the telephone numbger in your Browser manually to start a call. First your phone will ring, and as soon as you pick up the phone, the call is completed to your desired number. This function not only works with VoIP numbers, but standard and cellular telephone numbers.

2. Telephone Book. This allows you to save your frequently used telephone numbers from friends, family, acquantences as well as other numbers. Together with the Click to Dial function and your telephone book can you easily complete new calls.

3. Online Telephone Status

This function shows you the current status of your VoIP telephone in real time. It shows if the phone is logged into the VoIP Server and the protocol that is currently being used.

4. Voice Mail. Voice Mail is your virtual answering machine. It can be configured so that your message can either be played immediately by incoming calls or after a preset delay. You can play all saved messages from your Browser using either a .wav or .mp3 format. Naturally you can also play the messages back over your VoIP phone. You can play the messages as often as you like, and delete them with a simple mouse click.

5. Multi-Call Line. When this function is activated you have an easy to use PBX. It enables you to connect up to 9 VoIP phones, as well as to have 9 simultaneous calls. This option is ideal for home or office use, as well as providing an extension for each family member (or for the marathon calls of teenagers). A group function is also provided, so that all phones can ring at the same time.

Update on the new National Call Numbers (032 Area Code):

To our surprise we were informed that the DTAG (Deutsche Telekom AG) must perform qualification tests before the 032 Area Code can be activated in telephone networks outside of the DTAG Network. We are sure you all understand the bureaucracy and how it proceeds. We will be informed shortly when our Network will be activated and will notify you as soon as we receive notification.

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