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A New Big Development in the monduno Evolution · 03.07.2005

After the last development were it was “only” possible to receive calls from the standard telephone or cellular networks, monduno now makes it possible for you to place calls in both of these networks. And of course, world wide!

monduno now offers two additional plans which allow you to use your monduno telephone to place calls in or out of VoIP worldwide.

The “Starter Plan” offer the perfect solution for those wishing to test calls between VoIP and other phones. This plan has no monthly minimum charges but also offers a variety of useful features and functions, as well as attractive and competitive call prices. Payment is with a prepaid account system.

The “World Plan” is the big brother of that Starter Plan. This not only includes further reduced rates in comparison to the Starter Plan, but also 500 free minutes in the standard German telephone network (does not include the cellular network). The world plan also offers additional functions and features, and uses the prepaid account system.

The permits you to call from foreign countries into the German telephone network at unbelievably cheap rates. That is just one of the advantages of being able to use your monduno account worldwide.

We have also added the ENUM search function. If the person you are calling has an ENUM domain for the telephone number, and the VoIP phone is online, the call will be completed over VoIP free of charge. You can talk as long as you wish.

Of course with these changes monduno will continue to provide free of charge VoIP to VoIP calls as well as that free monduno Basic plan.

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