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monduno Reaches Another Big Step in its Evolution · 21.04.2005

It is now possible to receive calls with your monduno phone out of the German, Cellular or International Telephone Networks!

This is made possible over the Call Center from AmEuro Ventures GmbH using the phone number 0621 – 570 5000. After calling this number a message is played asking the caller to enter your monduno telephone number. After entering the number the call will be automatically connected. As soon as the new 032 National Phone Numbers are available, we will be able to connect the calls directly without going through the call center. Of course these incoming calls are free of charge for all monduno customers.

In the next step fo the Evolution from monduno we will make it possible to call using SIP and IAX protocols into the standard telephone network. This is planned for the end of the 2nd Quarter, beginning of the 3rd Quarter 2005. Of course we will keep you informed over the advancing developments.

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