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Extended Capabilities for Mail Servers in Germany · 29.11.2005

Due to the increased mobility of business customers the requirements on our mail servers have increased as a large part of our customers are business customers. Additionally the load on our servers has increased by over 400% in the last 6 months. Even though we upgraded the mail server hardware last year, to allow us to better address the current increasing requirements on the servers, we will again upgrade the mail server hardware. At the same time we will also increase the currently available functionality as follows: – The maximum size of an Email will be increased from 10MB to 20MB – Each pop account can store up to 250MB of Emails – TLS will be activated for secure transfer of your emails – IMAP will be added to the current methods of POP3 and POP3S to manage your incoming mail

No changes are required in your Email configuration. Should you wish to convert from POP3 to IMAP it is only necessary to change the configuration in your Email software. Your user names and passwords will remain the same for both systems.

In order to implement the changeover with risking losing any Emails, it is necessary for us to shut down the mail servers for the duration of the changeover. On this coming Saturday Dec. 3, 2005 we will implement the changes. From 3 a.m until 10 a.m. the Mail Server in Germany will be offline, while we transfer the existing Emails from the old servers to the new and convert the format of the emails on the server. During this time other mail servers will hold the emails until our mail servers are back online. You can help us to reduce this time when you will pick up and delete your Emails on Friday evening. In our last tests it took almost 6 hours to transfer all the emails and convert them to the new format.

Should you have any questions about the transition, please do not hesitate to ask.

Your 9 Net Avenue Deutschland Team

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