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AmEuro Ventures GmbH sells 9 Net Avenue Deutschland · 24.02.2007

The following letter was sent to all 9 Net Avenue Deutschland Customers on February 24, 2007.
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Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you today about a positive new development in your 9 Net Avenue Deutschland account. On March 1, 2007 ALL-TLD GmbH will take over 9 Net Avenue Deutschland from AmEuro Ventures GmbH, guaranteeing a continued, future orientated development of this product as well as insuring the satisfaction of our customers.

AmEuro Ventures will be exiting the Web Hosting, Co-location and Domain Registration businesses. There could not be a better choice for the successor: ALL-TLD is already an official Domain Registrar by over 20 Top Level Domains and thereby one of the leading businesses in Deutschland in this market segment.

How will the product takeover affect you?
The most important point first: There will be no price increases! Instead you can look forward to price reductions in the near future. At the same time the same high quality expectations you have enjoyed with 9 Net Avenue Deutschland will continue to be delivered.

Continuity is a high priority! To insure a smooth transition, ALL-TLD has signed a consulting agreement with AmEuro Ventures. Furthermore, all of the AmEuro Ventures employees currently working with the 9 Net Avenue Deutschland product will continue to support you in the future as our customer. All of these employees will continue their employment under ALL-TLD. In this way ALL-TLD can insure the continued high quality standards you have enjoyed with 9 Net Avenue Deutschland.

What do the companies expect from this change?
AmEuro Ventures and the Managing Director from ALL-TLD Christian Clos have worked closely together for the last several years. Based upon this trustworthy experience AmEuro Ventures decided to transfer these products to ALL-TLD and concentrate it future business on its core segments of System and Technology development. At the same time this guarantees for the future that the 9 Net Avenue Deutschland product continues to be successful and grow. For ALL-TLD (All Your Top Level Domain by One Provider) allows them to expand their product offerings in their core business segment. ALL-TLD is the ideal Partner for all internationally active companies and Information Technology providers.

We hope you will continue placing your trust in your new partner ALL-TLD for many years to come. We are sure you will not be disappointed.


<signed>                                     <signed>
Ben J. Caffe                             Christian Clos
Geschäftsführer                       Geschäftsführer
AmEuro Ventures GmbH           ALL-TLD GmbH
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