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In most companies the business processes result out of past experiences and following the accustomed methods. So long as everything works, there are usually more than enough other problems do keep you occupied.
When the bottlenecks occur, or a new problem develops out of the traditional methods, the question arises, "What do we do now?" Often the problem is like the old saying... "you cannot see the forest for all the trees..."

Managers in bigger companies have it easier. In most cases either internal or external consultants are available to analyze the problem and find a solution. For most middle sized companies the resources are not always so easily available. This is especially true when the problem is not easy to identify or the external resources are not justifiable.

Have you ever wondered why in banks, airports, etc., only a single waiting line is used in spite of the fact multiple counters are staffed and opened?
Studies have shown this method of service is more effective. With the same number of employees the waiting time for the customers is reduced and more customers are served. The costs for the company are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.
We can help you find financially justifiable solutions. Our approach is completed in four phases. Of course you decide after each phase if we should continue on to the next.
  • Phase 1 - Overview
In this phase you explain the problem to us from your perspective. You will show us the current procedure, the environment, etc. We will ask you questions to help clarify the problem for us as well as obtain an overview of the operation.

Once we have gathered enough information we will bring this back to our offices. We will evaluate the information and prepare alternatives.

Naturally in this phase you will not encounter any costs or further obligations.
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  • Phase 3 - Solutions
The results of our investigation will be evaluated to find a financially justifiable solution. We will present this to you including any possible alternatives. Our recommendations will also include a recommended implementation procedure.

Should the final solution require either resources or capabilities from other companies, should you wish, we can gather proposals from these other companies. We can evaluate these together with you to make the best decision.
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  • Phase 2 - Analysis
A detailed investigation would be completed in this Phase to identify the problem and its scope. The interactive business processes will also be included to enable an understanding of the impact of any recommended solutions. Together with you and your employees we will work together to develop a detailed definition of the problem and the surrounding environment.

Before we begin with this Phase we will present you with a complete proposal. The proposal will detail our planned procedures and processes, our expected results and all costs that will be occurred. If after Phase 1 we believe that a financially justifiable solution will not be possible, we will also inform you of this with our justification.
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  • Phase 4 - Implementation
The decision has been reached and now it is time to execute it. This could require purchasing, software implementation, personnel training, etc. Of course you can complete this Phase alone, or we can assist. We are prepared to fulfill a consulting role, take over responsibility the complete program management or fill another role.
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