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Telecommunications return to Services Overview
Since Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone in 1876 a lot has changed in telecommunications. Although not as much as in the last few years, especially in Germany. In the 90's the telecommunications industry was privatized, the use of cellular telephones has dramatically increased and of course there is a drastic increase in the number of telephone service providers. These changes have improved the service levels, increased the functionality while drasticly sinking the costs. Who would have believed in 2000 that flat rate telephone plans would be available in Germany in 2007? Or that the Deutsche Telekom AG in 2010 will convert the existing copper telephone network to VoIP technology?
Telcommunications Solutions from AmEuro Ventures GmbH
A telecommunications solution today is not just the selection of a PBX or the choice of a telephone service provider, but rather, also the integration into the IT infrastructure and the choice of the needed functions (e.g., CTI, VoiceMail, etc.). Of course doing this all knowing in the background that the telephone providers will be changing over to NGN (Next Generation Network) and increasing the provider provided functionality.
We will analyze your requirements and recommend the best solutions to provide you with the optimal solution. Once you have chosen the best solution, we will prepare a project plan and assume responsibility for a successful implementation.
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