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New Features by monduno · 14.03.2006

monduno Announces new functions and features for all VoIP users!

We are happy to inform you that monduno has activated several new features. Below you will find a short description of each.

Telephone Number Blocking
You can now set in the control center if you wish to block your telephone number from being display. When this is activated the caller will not see your telephone number in the telephone display.

Call Statistics
We have expanded the call statistics for all customers with the multi call line option. In this way you can see the call statistics for each individual telephone. Naturally all the calls are still provided in a summary.

Voice Mail
The voice mail functionality has been increased, so you can now receive an Email as soon as a voice mail has been recorded for you. You have the option to also have the voice mail sent as an attachment to the email in mp3 format. A new feature has also been added to allow you to play your voice mail announcement over your internet browser.

Account Balance per Telephone Call
You can now check the balance on your account by dialing 2510 from your VoIP phone. The system will give you the current balance at that point and time.

Calling International ENUM Telephone Numbers
It is now possible to check and call international ENUM numbers from and Just dial *164 + Country Code + Telephone Nubmer and an ENUM lookup will automatically be processed. If a VoIP Number is found, the call will automatically be placed. ENUM automatically takes places on calls in Germany when you dial 0049 + Telephone number.

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